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This past May I took several of my friends to the Dominican Republic. We had the pleasure of staying in a 6 Bedroom Villa at the Lifestyles Holiday Resort in the Dominican Republic. OMG.. I can’t tell you what an amazing experience we had.  A chef came in daily to make us breakfast; we had our very own private butler that checked on us daily to make sure we had everything we needed. We each had our own private, beautifully decorated bedroom with a private bath. Each Villa is equipped with a gourmet kitchen, dining area, living room and private pool. I love to travel with friends and family but I also enjoy time alone with my husband. If you have ever traveled with a group I am sure you understand what I am saying. When traveling with a group I feel it is important to plan some time for yourself away from the group. Staying in a Villa provided us with the perfect set up to enjoy our friends company but also enjoy time alone. There was plenty of space to gather as a group but also several quiet areas to enjoy some alone time.

Group traveling can be a bit overwhelming at times. Trying to coordinate a group of people and make sure everyone is having a good time takes planning. When helping families and couples plan group trips I prepare a weekly itinerary for the group. For example, every morning we had our chef prepared breakfast in the villa at 9:00am, if anyone needed anything such as water, soda, shampoo, towels, massage reservations, etc I gathered a list for the butler, we reviewed any activities planned for the day/week, we discussed dinner reservation time and answered any questions anyone had. The butler arrived mid breakfast to see what we needed and confirm our dinner reservations.  The butler also provided me with a cell phone with numbers already input into the contact list just in case I needed to contact him for anything during the day.  Then off we went.. some of us went together while other did their own thing for the day. It worked out perfectly.  Everyone enjoyed our time together but also were able to make the most out of their trip. One thing to always remember when traveling with a group is that is not only YOUR vacation but your TRAVELING BUDDIES as well. It is important to make sure everyone gets to do the things that are important to them.



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"My wife and I booked our honeymoon through harmony Travel, we decided on Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL from the island to the people. Going through Harmony Travel took so much stress away"

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